Start to Play. Or Stream. Or Hear it All.

There’s always something good on TV with NeoTV Streaming Players. NETGEAR gives you a variety of streaming players to choose from for the TV experience you want.  

NeoTV – Magnificent Media

Get NeoTV and get a doorway into maximum media. Don’t worry about what to watch. NeoTV streaming players help you find what you love with powerful media search. It's all yours – movies, TV, music and more…

Any TV Can Be A Smart TV

NeoTV raises the IQ of your TV with a full curriculum of Internet-accessed entertainment. Just connect and enjoy – no computer needed.

  • Wifi
  • Port Ethernet
  • Lecture de fichiers via USB
  • Connexions vidéo
  • Google TV
  • Google Play
  • Navigateur Web
  • Recherche universelle
  • Télécommande
  • Prise en charge Vudu 3D

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Modèle: NTV300

NeoTV<sup>™</sup> MAX
Modèle: NTV300SL